Exploration and Production:

AMR Group, and partners, is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Our operations are focused on the onshore and offshores of the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions.

AMR Group’s portfolio of oil and gas properties provides stable and environmentally responsible production, and a platform for future growth.

Our primary goal is to build value by:

  • Exploring undiscovered and under exploited oil and natural gas reserves;
  • Purchasing and developing oil and natural gas properties;
  • Enhancing the value of production through marketing and midstream activities;


Optimizing production operations to control costs.

Our exploration wing, and partners, primarily focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties. We continue to pursue other exploration and development projects and acquisition of opportunities internationally.

Our technical and operational personnel have substantial experience in the oil and natural gas industry across a broad range of disciplines.

AMR Group has grown by acquiring undervalued and under-exploited fields and rehabilitating the properties into high quality producing assets. One of our primary objectives is to apply our engineering expertise to newly acquired fields to improve recovery rates, and as a result, substantially increase the production rates and reserve volumes. We are always improving our technology to increase our productivity and we strive to continuously push the envelope.


AMR Group and partners are capable of providing both offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling rigs with the widest drilling angles available in the market.

Our priority is to meet our local and international customers’ needs in a timely fashion which is made possible by our well trained professionals and advanced technologies. These technologies have evolved during the course of our works that are carried out in both surface and underground drilling. This has enabled us to deliver top quality samples to our customers even in extreme conditions.

We offer a wide range of land rigs for onshore operations and jack up rigs for shallow and deep sea drilling operations that are occupationally safe and time efficient.

Some of the salient features of the drilling services we offer are:

  • Cost efficient.
  • Time efficient.
  • Environment friendly.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Occupational safety.

Trained and highly experienced professionals.

AMR Group is committed to continuous development, and is always in the lookout for improving technologies and personnel to always deliver top notch services to our customers.

Custom Rig Construction:

Rig Construction & Retrofit

AMR Group, and partners, design, build and supply geotechnical, marine drill rigs, artic rigs, desert rigs, special rigs and provide technical and professional support to companies in the oil and gas, offshore or geotechnical services industries worldwide. We focused on both building new rigs and retrofitting existing rigs to meet the specific requirements of discerning customers.

ِAmr Group has the capability to design, fabricate or rebuild a drilling rig as well as the engineering capability to design a complete rig layout package. AMR Group refurbishes rigs to the customers’ specifications ranging from minor repairs to a complete rebuild.

We build and refurbish:

  • Service Rigs
  • Workover Rigs
  • Drilling Rigs

AMR Group has a professional team comprising of industry veterans experienced in “hands-on” situations found in sampling and coring in the offshore, and have the technical expertise capable of designing and building reliable and user-friendly rigs for a wide range of application systems. Furthermore, AMR Group Rig Builders are supported by reputable suppliers of mission critical components and drill fabrication facilities operating to international standards.

Complete Rig Layout Packages can include such items as:

  • Mobile drilling rig
  • Doghouse
  • Work shop
  • Accumulator room
  • Generator room
  • Crew change room
  • Fuel Tank

Pipeline Construction:

At AMR Group, we, with our partners, offer a distinctive set of pipeline services unmatched in the oil & gas industry.

Some of the services we render include pipeline construction, sub-contractor management and labor resource management.

Our experiences in the construction of pipelines including mainline cross country construction have been our strength to take on new projects. Such projects have utilized mechanized and manual welding methods in a large mixture of geographic terrains. Amr Group’s current capacity includes two mainline spreads of modern pipeline construction equipment. We can also provide quality construction service both for underground and above the ground piping for oil and gas transfer.