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vSykon GmbH - A German System House with experience over 65 Years in giving architectural solutions has collaborated with Mohammad Riaz & Partner LLC for development in Middle East, Asia & Africa by providing German engineering technology to be produced with local manufacturing unit to boost the local economies across the MENA region. Mohammad Riaz & Partner LLC is the first Aluminium Composite Panel factory to be produced in the Sultanate of Oman with sprawling covered factory in 4200sqm area and open warehouse 5000sqm with latest and advanced machineries. Our aim to provide fire resistance cladding solutions with value engineering cladding System inclusive of our tested A2 & FR Fire resistance panel. Mohammed Riaz & Partner LLC with collaboration with Sykon GmbH to have achieved latest fire and safety standards as per NFPA 285 2012 standards passing the test on March 3rd 2019 at the Thomas Bell-Wright facility in Jebal Ali, UAE.


B1 (FR-PE) Fireproof

A high performance product consisting of two sheets of excluded aluminum insulated with a layer of low-density plastic halogen-free and suitable for use in cladding the outer and inner walls of buildings under renovation which are designed to reduce the risk of structural fire and have the ability to limit the spread of intense flame for a specified period and reduce smoke And delay the transfer of heat through it.

(LDPE) Not Fireproof

Low-density plastic thermally manufactured from petroleum that does not have a reaction at normal temperatures except by a strong oxidizing agent, as it withstands temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius continuously and to 95 degrees Celsius for a short period manufactured in a transparent or opaque shape. Differences are to a large extent very flexible Stiff but breakable.


We are exclusive agent of SYKON & ALPANEL in kuwait

SYKON German engineering since 1967