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Amr Group is a company that is involved in diverse activities under the engineering chairmanship-Amr Abdulhaleem. This company has been established in 2018 by the team of qualified Engineers who are specialized in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Architectures. Under the wise leadership and guidance of Amr Abdulhaleem, the group is flourished and is now spreading its department to various sectors of the industry. As mentioned above, the members of the group are doing various activities.

We are focusing on attending almost all sectors of the industry. This includes the petroleum, agriculture and construction industry. This group is also under the direct management of our chairman whose role is to coordinate and direct the activities of the members and promote them with the vision and commitment to the state and society. Presently, we are involved in trading, investment and development, and many other fields. In addition, we are aiming to expand our services and scope to other departments with the unique products and services that can soon be introduced to this link. Meanwhile, we are gladly looking forward to doing business with you.  

Our Mission

Our Mision is to become a leading provider of Integrated Operations & Maintenance Services to the Oil & Gas and Industrial Sectors, while upholding the highest HSE and Quality Standards.

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Amr group is a trustworthy and dependable company that can lead you through the journey to success. we uphold our integrity and our partner's confidence in our product, qualityu and service. which can help in process of building a better future

As a responsible company, we uphold our ideals in very aspects we are invloved in for the benefit of our customers, investors, employees, nation and partners.